The Worst Property I’ve Ever Been In

I’ve toured over 4000 homes in my career, but the home I toured in this story is easily the worst property I’ve ever been in. It’s no wonder the house couldn’t even be placed on the market, and that the (very kind and lovely) lady was stuck not knowing what to do with it.

Though her home and her situation are unique …

This experience is shared by thousands of people every single day.

What do you do when your home is in such bad shape that you can’t really sell it on the open market, but you also desperately need to get out of this home and into a new one?

First, let me tell you about this home.

First off, there were so many rats, I couldn’t even believe someone actually LIVED in the home.

While walking around the property, I even had one rat come out and try to bite me.

I saw at least 30 rats while I was looking at the property.

And at the time,

This poor lovely lady was living there, with her son.

She had another son who had passed away, and her husband had passed away some years back.

Through my time buying real estate, I’ve toured a few thousand properties … and this is by far the WORST property I’d ever set foot in.

She was struggling with her mortgage payments, and blessedly because of Covid they gave her a break on needing to pay.

Of course, that was coming to an end …

She needed to move on. Aside from the obvious challenges of having a home in such poor condition, she also did not know where she could go. She was really close with her son and needed him to come with her wherever they ended up.

There was a great amount of emotion within the process for this lady.

Being in her late 70s, she also needed some help to get through her day-to-day. She also suffered from dementia, which made conversations with her sometimes challenging.

Sadly, during the process of trying to help her figure out how to get out of her home and move on with her life, she passed away.

We were able to stay in touch with her son.

And through it all, we ended up being able to get him under contract with us, so we could purchase the property AND we helped him find a new home to move to.

It’s a sad story that this wonderful lady couldn’t experience the last part of her life in a safe and clean home, but we are glad we were able to in the end get her son into a safe place, which we believe is ultimately what she really wanted.

The answer to these kinds of situations is always unique.

It’s not just about selling the house and moving on, it’s about getting the life you really desire.

And hopefully doing so using the resources and assets you have available. Even though your home may be in bad condition, it’s still an asset you own, it still has value …

To folks like us, at Florida Real Estate Buyers, your home actually has a LOT of value, even if it’s completely rat-infested, or if it’s been abandoned for 30 years (that’s a story for another time).

We have the networks and the resources to make the best out of any bad situation, and on top of all that, we have the motivation, and the desire to help YOU get the best result out of your situation.

I hope, if this strikes a chord with you, and you’re in a challenging situation like this, that you’ll reach out to our team for a conversation. We would very much love to help you live a happier life and help you get there.

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