Is it time to cash out and sell your rental property?

Owning rental property can be more than it’s cracked up to be. Given the laws that have been put into place to help renters, Landlords are stuck holding the bag. Vacancies are probably not an issue for you at this time, however, do you have concerns about finding the right person? Tenants are smart and they know what their rights are. They will try to get away with as much as they possibly can.

Selling a rental property while the market is high?

Many of our clients have recently said that the timing seems right to sell their rental property. They’ve owned it for quite some time and have seen huge appreciations in value. They know that the market is hot and perhaps this is a good opportunity to re allocate the funds to a new investment. Additionally, the quality of renters has changed over the years. As people become more and more entitled they research and learn what their rights are so they know how much they can get away with. The law is just don’t support the landlord like they used to.

Let’s get the process started by having a 5-minute qualifying call so we can determine if your rental property fits the criteria of what we are looking to purchase. We understand the importance of not disturbing your tenants so we can do most of the work over the telephone if you prefer that we do not go to the property with you. We have purchased many rental properties in as is condition without ever looking inside. Our goal is to save you time and money in to make the process as smoothly as possible for you.

Tired of being a landlord? Let's see how much we can qualify your property for.

Dreading the idea of listing your rental without real estate agent? Maybe you’re a realtor friend keeps reminding you that when you’re ready to sell your rental to let them know so they can get it listed for you. Perhaps that’s actually not something that you want to do but don’t want to have to deal with explaining that to them. Or perhaps you know a few Realtors and don’t want to deal with the fallout of one of them not getting your listing.

Getting rentals sold for cash it’s not a hard process. The first step is for us to qualify your property. That process takes about 5 minutes. If it qualifies then we will do our research to determine exactly how much we can pay. It is possible for us to do this without ever going into the property however, if we can take a quick look, that will help us determine if the property needs any work. We want to pay you as much as possible.

There have been many times that we have purchased rental properties and the tenants were not even aware that ownership of the property occurred until after the sale closed. Landlords like this because it simplifies their lives and they can focus on doing the things that they want to do instead of worrying about confrontation with the tenant.

Can I sell my property with tenants in it?

If you are worried about how the tenant will react, discretion is our top priority. Therefore, it is so important that you sell your property to a trusted source that puts your priorities first and ensures that the sale goes through. When you list with the real tour you run the risk of the buyer canceling the sale or trying to renegotiate terms with you. This can make a difficult situation worse because now the tenant may have leverage to cause you additional difficulties. Some of the things we’ve heard are: “Why should I continue paying rent if you’re selling the property?” Not all tenants are like this but if yours is then we can understand the seriousness and ensure that the process goes smoothly.

I love my tenants and want to make sure they're taken care of!

Selling a rental property while the market is high?

If you have great tenants in want to ensure that they’re not hung out to dry we understand and will ensure that that does not happen. Some landlords that we’ve worked with have not raised the rent in years because they’ve had good and loyal tenants. They’ve taken care of the property paid on time or early and are good and hardworking people. With our relocation program, we help your tenants find a new place to move. We have done this often in a time frame that works for both you and your tenant. That means if you need to sell the property quickly you can pass the responsibility over to us and will purchase it with the tenant in place. Then we will take our time to ensure that the tenant is not rushed or stressed in finding their new home.

If you were rental property is in tiptop shape and you’ve recently updated it that is not an issue for us either. If it makes more sense to sell quickly so you do not have to trapes strangers through the house (especially during this time), we completely understand.

Selling rental property: Cash out and move your money into a new investment!

We Can Customize A
Solution For You

FL Real Estate Buyers has helped more homeowners with a quick cash sale than anyone, but every transaction takes into account each homeowner’s individual situation. If we can buy your house fast for cash, it can help spare you the heartache and trouble that comes from foreclosure or other financial difficulties.

Unforeseen and unplanned circumstances occur when you can least expect them.

We can help.

Since Covid became an issue, running into problems of any sort is more common than it used to be. Debt burdens such as credit cards, mortgage payments, car payments, and medical bills can start to back up quickly. The faster you address the issues, the less it will cost you.

Everyone’s situation is different. We bring to the table decades of combined experience and knowledge about what needs to be addressed first to help you the fastest.

If you are overwhelmed with everything going on and tired of getting advice from friends and family that don’t seem to get it, we can offer an unbiased opinion on your best options.

If you are facing foreclosure and stressing about losing your home’s hard-earned equity, you have several options. Selling your home might not be the best one!.


”What Do I Need To Know When I’m Ready To Sell My Property?”

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