Selling a House that Needs Repairs

Home repair costs have become too much.

Home problems usually start as a small issue but gradually get worse over time.

A very common situation we come across is that homeowners are embarrassed about the issues related to their property–they’re selling a house that needs repairs. In our area, small roof leaks happen all the time. Because our climate is so humid, mold becomes an issue quickly. Selling a house that needs work can be hard, and worrying.

Managing the task of getting the work done yourself is always an option when selling a house that needs repairs. If you have a lot of free time or a flexible work schedule that allows you the time to be home while contractors get the work done, that may be a good option. Another option is that you could do the work yourself so that you won’t have to sell a house in poor condition.

A lot of our clients say that it can be a challenge to find a good contractor that is reliable when they’re figuring out how to sell a house that needs work. Once you’ve found a good one, then they are typically expensive and scheduling a time block with them can be another challenge–a challenge you don’t need to deal with when you’re already selling a house in poor condition.

Life happens and home maintenance is usually put on the back burner – since more pressing issues take precedence. As this snowball effect occurs silently in the background, you may wind up at a point that you’ve had enough. If that is the case – What are your options? Selling a house that needs repairs is daunting.

Is Selling a House As Is Through a Real Estate Agent a Good Idea?

Any time you have people in your house, you want it to be at its best. And even more so if you have prospective buyers coming through. Costly home repairs can make it far less appealing, and it may stay on the market for much longer than you anticipate, with no end in sight. If it’s possible to sell, it’s likely you’ll end up having to lower the price more than the repairs would have cost, and you’ll have to sell your home as is.

Selling a house that needs repairs through someone you trust is key. Perhaps it’s a real estate agent you know personally or was recommended to you by a trusted source. A small oversight that we often see is that when you’re selling a house as is, selling through traditional real estate will cost you more in both time and money…

If you’re selling a house as is, the necessary repairs will show up on their home inspection.

Then they will either ask you to complete the repairs before purchasing or they will factor that into their purchase price. Because you and they are likely not professional repair people, this will cost a lot in time and money in negotiations. Remember that your real estate agent will only get paid if the sale goes through, so they are incentivized by pushing the sale forward. Usually the path of least resistance is the direction they pursue.

Your desired outcome is what is the priority.

The solution we at FL Real Estate Buyers take is based on your personal goals. The key is for you to have peace of mind that you are not “giving your home away” and are selling it at market value–even if you’re selling a house in poor condition. Focusing on the next steps and ensuring a smooth transition is where your focus should be. During our qualifying process we determine which of our programs fit with your specific situation. Then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do. If we do not currently have the ability to help, we’ll definitely offer ideas on what your options are.

How to Sell a House that Needs Work

Our process is 3 easy steps with no obligation.

  1. Initial Call. – Call for a free 5-minute qualifying call.
  2. Cash Offer. We’ll determine if your home qualifies and if so how much. (We may need to do a bit of research and either call you back or make a visit to your home in person)
  3. Closing Date. We’ll determine together what closing date works best for you.

Unforeseen and unplanned circumstances occur when you can least expect them.

We can help.

Since Covid became an issue, running into problems of any sort is more common than it used to be. Debt burdens such as credit cards, mortgage payments, car payments, and medical bills can start to back up quickly. The faster you address the issues, the less it will cost you.

Everyone’s situation is different. We bring to the table decades of combined experience and knowledge about what needs to be addressed first to help you the fastest.

If you are overwhelmed with everything going on and tired of getting advice from friends and family that don’t seem to get it, we can offer an unbiased opinion on your best options.

If you are facing foreclosure and stressing about losing your home’s hard-earned equity, you have several options. Selling your home might not be the best one!.


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