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Owning rental property can be more than it’s cracked up to be. Given the laws that have been put into place to help renters, Landlords are stuck holding the bag. Vacancies are probably not an issue for you at this time, however, do you have concerns about finding the right person? Tenants are smart and they know what their rights are. They will try to get away with as much as they possibly can.

What are the best practices when determining the best Home Buying company or individual to work with?


Is the company rated on the Better Business Bureau ? The BBB has been a trusted source to find out if companies are legitimate for several decades. You can either call them or check the website and search for the company there. The BBB has a very stringent vetting program and continually checks on companies that are rated with them to find out if anything about the company has changed. They also make it very easy for customers to file a complaint against the company for malpractice. If a company has a complaint investigate the complaint and read about it thoroughly. There is usually two sides two any story so understanding what has happened will give you a better picture if a complaint is legitimate.

Track Record

Start by Googling the company. Can you find anything about them or the individual? Do they have a website that shows a history of working with customers? You can also check sunbiz.org to search the company name to find out who the owners are and how long the company has been in business. You can also check to see if the company is active or not there.

Business Profile

Do they have a Google business profile page? Google is very strict about verifying if a company is legitimate or not. Here you will find information that has been provided by other customers as it relates to the company. You will find reviews and their business address, for example.


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. There is a ton of information there as it relates to individuals and companies. Check to see if they have a YouTube channel and if So what information they are providing. You may find reviews or additional content that can help you in your home selling journey. Check our YouTube channel here: Click Here

I want the highest offer!

The bottom dollar is what it all comes down to and we recognize that. Many of our clients have stated that our qualifying price is substantially more than what other’s have offer, however, when selling your property there are several things to consider other than the price.

Recently, many inexperienced “investors” have shown up in our local real estate market. They attended a weekend seminar or watched some videos online that have shown them tips and tricks to make some extra money.

Cash buyers who have just started in the business may be desperately trying to find financing after they make you an offer, and financing can be very hard to get. Often, they make a series of excuses to put off the closing and finally walk away if they never get financing, leaving you in the lurch.

Whether it’s an internet buyer who suddenly lowers your offer or an under-funded buyer who cancels your sale, whatever situation that has made you want to sell your house has probably only gotten worse. All because of someone who didn’t turn out to be a trustworthy buyer.

We Can Customize A
Solution For You

FL Real Estate Buyers has helped more homeowners with a quick cash sale than anyone, but every transaction takes into account each homeowner’s individual situation. If we can buy your house fast for cash, it can help spare you the heartache and trouble that comes from foreclosure or other financial difficulties.

Unforeseen and unplanned circumstances occur when you can least expect them.

We can help.

Since Covid became an issue, running into problems of any sort is more common than it used to be. Debt burdens such as credit cards, mortgage payments, car payments, and medical bills can start to back up quickly. The faster you address the issues, the less it will cost you.

Everyone’s situation is different. We bring to the table decades of combined experience and knowledge about what needs to be addressed first to help you the fastest.

If you are overwhelmed with everything going on and tired of getting advice from friends and family that don’t seem to get it, we can offer an unbiased opinion on your best options.

If you are facing foreclosure and stressing about losing your home’s hard-earned equity, you have several options. Selling your home might not be the best one!.


”What Do I Need To Know When I’m Ready To Sell My Property?”

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